That time once again . . .

I have two resolutions. I hope to keep them really simple.

Number One:

I want to get in bed, and GO TO SLEEP, right after I put Benjamin down for the night. I need sleep. Sleep is good. When I have a good amount, I am way less likely to act like an insane madwoman. It's going to be hard to sacrifice that quiet time at the end of the day, when I can sit on the couch and exhale the audible sigh. I like to take a few minutes to check e-mail or watch something funny. But often those few minutes turn into thirty, and the message or show turns into a saga. It never fails. As soon as I think, he's going to sleep well tonight, I can stay up a little longer. I finally turn out the lights and fall asleep, and an hour later the howling begins. (We had been letting him cry and he'd finally got it. He was doing great, actually sleeping all night, but now he's got some reactive airway disease? The doctor put him on breathing treatments 3 times a day and I worry all night long. Although, as John said when he was "singing" the other night, "Sounds like his lungs are working fine now!") So, for now, in these unpredictable times, I need to sleep when he does.

Number Two:

I really should journal every day. Whether or not I post, whether or not anyone else reads it. Pushing the buttons on my keyboard and darkening a page with ink always, always, makes me feel better. I don't know why my brain works this way, but I understand things better in black and white. (or blue and white) This is how I organize my thoughts and sometimes even find solutions and/or conclusions to my problems. Wouldn't it also be great to take little notes when ever something clever or profound pops into my head? Then, when I have those few blessed (uninterrupted hours) I have a head start on writing something mildly coherent for my fine readership.

No kidding, right when I was typing uninterrupted, the baby awoke from his slumber. John has the other two kids at the Y. I love Saturday mornings. Sigh! I need to go get Benji now. See, I knew I'd only have time for 2!!


Adam said...

Good resolutions. I love it because one could easily look at the first one as a physical need and the second as a spiritual need. I think they're both physical/spiritual needs. Anyways, that's what I thought of when I read this.

I need to think of my resolutions...I think it's a good practice.

Nathaniel said...

Don't kid yourself. You did not have time for two either.