I should really be packing right now . . .

The concert was terrific! Our LG had a really good time. House shows can be a little awkward at first, but Bill put everyone at ease with charming and funny stories. Muriah played and sang beautifully, though she was not feeling too well. All that travel, in between seasons as well as states had taken it's toll. Bill also added to our collective intelligence with insightful and educational intros to several songs. At the end of the show, several people, who didn't know their music beforehand, purchased CDs. As long time fans and come lately friends, this was a really cool thing to see.

I was a bit distracted by little Benji most of the show and didn't get to immerse and enjoy myself as much as I would have liked. But the night was not about me, and I'm positive we will see this duo many more times, and hopefully soon.

The night was about community, creating a common, shared experience for all of us who "do life together," and John and I both feel it was a tremendous success. But this is really all I have in the way of concert review. I'm hoping my man and his blog will have a little Easter resurrection this week and he might treat us to an authentic play by play.

John and I are headed to the great Smokies this afternoon. The boys are with my folks in Nashville and our girl will be staying with her grandma in K'ville. We are not sure if we will have internet access at our little log cabin, and that's okay. We will be doing lots of reading, relaxing, watching movies, and hopefully thinking and writing. Please send us your thoughts and prayers and any positive, karmatic, creative mojo you may possess -- we need them all. Thanks for reading, loving and living. See you soon!

PS -- here's a much better picture of Muriah, taken after the concert in '06. My one regret is that we didn't get many pictures Sunday night. We'll see if John can make any magic happen with the ones we have and post them at a later date.

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