La La Looneyland, or "Welcome to unemployment, here's your puppy."

This is a picture of my feet. The toenails are freshly painted purple because I went to a spa party with some gals from MOPS Tuesday night. I pampered my feet with a sea salt soak. Then I lotioned, clipped and adorned the nails with color. I am often complimented on my cute little feet, and I have to say they are one of the few parts of me that I am not self concious about. But here, my feet are not picture perfect. Partly because I could not properly exfoliate in an intimate setting with women I don't know all that well, but mostly due to the one inch scratch on my big right toe, and a smaller dot of wounded flesh about an inch below.

These deceptively small marks came from our cat Spooky. We've had Spooky since he was two, nearly five years ago. Spooky is so named because not just because he's a spooky black cat, but also because he is easily spooked. Spooky usually keeps to himself. He does not like company. He hides when people come over. He goes outside often and does not need a litter box for he does his business in the flower bed. Spooky has been known to show his affection for us by bringing a recently deceased(due to his own bare paws) bird or chipmunk to our front porch. He's a good, quiet cat. John recently took him to the vet and they marveled at what a gentle giant he was. He took his shots with ease. Our son Benjamin often pulls on his ears and tail, Spooky hardly takes notice.

Enter Lucky.

Lucky is an eight week old German Shepherd/Husky mix. He's really cute and seems to be smart and partly house trained. Lucky came to the Barber home Tuesday evening from the Humane Society.

But Lucky is a puppy. And he is a dog. And he is a stranger.

After a mere twenty-four hours in his new home, Lucky decided he would sniff out the lazy cat laying in front of the sliding glass door. He was merely on his way out to the back yard to practice his own "go outside to relieve yourself" skills when Lucky first lived up to his name. I heard Spooky hissing and growling so I stuck my bare foot out to scoot Lucky back. Apparently Spooky had the same idea, except he decide to use a claw. And I, rather my foot, got caught in the middle. And yes, it hurt!

Honestly, I'm not thrilled about our newest addition. I love dogs, and Lucky seems like he will be a good one; it's simply bad timing for me. Taking care of our one year old and two other kids is quite enough right now, thank you very much. Alas, I was not there when my husband and two older children first laid eyes on, and immediately fell in love with, the little guy. I couldn't be the bad guy who said no when they came home and told me about him.

Last night John and Laney spent the night at his Mom's house. She was having some people stay the night as a favor for my Dad. Since John's Dad is currently out of country, she felt a little uncomfortable being alone with strangers. It was my first night alone with Lucky.

We stayed up late to watch the reunion episode of Make me a Supermodel (I know, I know!) Around 11:30, I had put Lucky up for the night, but he wouldn't stop wimpering. I decided to take him out one last time, and I locked us out of the house!

Not good! John was twenty minutes away with the only other key and all my neighbor's lights were out. After a few minutes of panicking and trying to get Lucky to do his business, which he was completely uninterested in by the way, I decided to try the side door of our garage. I pushed really hard and the faulty lock gave way. I struggled to get in our junk filled garage and turned on the light. Now what? I'd made it in the garage but there was one more door to go. Of course we always keep the house door locked because of the unreliability of the other one. Luckily, Sam's room is just inside. I banged loudly on the door and hollered his name, praying I would not wake up Benjamin. After a few minutes' work, I heard him say, "Is someone knocking on the door?"

Poor guy, he's a heavy sleeper. I told him what had happened and he came out to rescue me. He was too sleepy to see the humor in the situation so I told him I was sorry, gave him a hug and he ran back to bed. I picked up Lucky, locked the doors back and came inside. Lucky wimpered a few more minutes when I put him up, but finally settled down. The miracle of the night was that Benjamin never stirred and slept solid, until eight o'clock this morning, despite Lucky's six-fifteen take me to the potty now barking.

So here we are in this crazy, busy, worry-filled season of life. We're hoping Lucky will bring us a bit more luck, specifically the finding a good job kind of luck, but if not, at least we won't be bored.


Kimberly said...

Perhaps you should have exfoliated oneanother's feet... more effective & a pseudo-symbol of taking up the towel and basin!

Y'all are in my prayers, both for a job and for peace during the unknown.

Enjoyed the concert blogs, too... just didn't have a chance to comment on them.

the hamster said...

i dare not make many blanket general statements about genders - mine or yours - but i do not think men exfoliate enough. i would never think to exfoliate my feet. i'm doing good just to get the sock fuzz out from my toes when i go barefoot in the afternoons. however, i regularly (three times a week) exfoliate my beard. or, i should more correctly say, exfoliate my chin skin. and, i've noticed, i'm always in such a great mood after i exfoliate. and that was just my chin! so i think i need to exfoliate more. i'll try a big toe soon. will keep you posted.

congrats on your new addition. loved the pictures. tell john i think he is boss.

Teela said...

Lucky...has it worked yet? If so, I may change Zsu-Zsu's name to Lucky II. Exfoliate the feet? I can't even see mine!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you locked yourself out that night, but I couldn't help laughing when I read about it. Sorry! And John and Laney were greatly appreciated. If John can't find a job, he can always become a plumber!

the hamster said...

i exfoliated yesterday.