Three things I'm thankful for this Thursday

1. A hubby willing to get hot, sweaty and sunburned in order to bring home the bacon.

2. Early morning, just woke up, clutching my neck hugs from my 14- month-old, Benjamin Bailey.

3. Over The Rhine
May, 28 2008 at Bijou Theatre
803 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN


the hamster said...

what's this rhine these people are perpetually over? no one has ever successfully explained the rhine to me.

Rachel said...

Dude, I want to go to that show so badly! Stupid dumb $20 tickets.

Janna said...

rach -- i know you're on a budget and all, but $20 is pretty good for a first rate act like this one. maybe you should ask the folks for an early b-day present!

hammy -- they're from ohio, near this neighborhood called over the rhine, but i think the neighborhood is named for that place in Germany, significant during end of ww2, after allied troops passed "over" they began finding work camps. (i only know this from hbo special band of brothers -- never learned adequate american history in high school.)