Aww, you shouldn't have . . .

This comment showed up on my blog the other day from my friend Kim, whom I haven't seen in maybe two years:

Hey, I'm attending the Ozark Creative Writers Conference in Eureka Springs in October. I know its a long shot, what with the distance and kids and such, but if you wanted to attend, there is a spare bed in my B&B room (and as a single, I have to pay the double-occupancy price regardless).

We've e-mailed a few times and commented on each other's blogs over the past two years, but not really kept in touch the way we should have since our OBU days. So, I was adequately thrilled with this suggestion and left her a comment, having nothing to do w/ her current post, that said this:

Long shot, my ass! I'd love to go to a freaking writer's conference. I will move mountains to make this happen! Please, send me more info. (jbbaby76[at]yahoo[dot]com) I so need to connect w/ other women writers. Too bad the only ones I know are in Canada and Arkansas!

To which she replied:

Well alrighty then!

The conference is October 9,10 & 11 (Thu, Fri & Sat) and early registration is $90.

(It looks a bit cheesy, not quite like the festival I longed to attend in April but could not afford to travel to - but it has received good feedback from former participants & is obviously much closer to home)

I have a B&B booked from Oct4-12, traveling back to LR on Monday the 13th. I have a friend who may or may not come up to stay with me during part of the time, but she is not planning to attend the conference. So your arrival/departure could be flexible within that date range, but you'd have to get yourself to Eureka. The room cost would be my treat, so all you would have to pay for is meals & festival.

Just let me know! The offer stands open!

Then I said:

The bed and breakfast looks great! You are so generous, and I'm glad you thought of me. I can't seem to open much on the website now; I'll have to try again later. Looks like it would be 11 hours to drive there. I might be able to fly. Nothing is certain these days w/ John's lack of steady income. But, I know my family would pull together and make it happen if I ask. Hey, it's close enough to my b-day to be an early present! I'll let you know when I find out more.

Then she said:

I completely understand the money/distance issue. Doesn't help w/ the money matter, but if you could somehow swing $400 (which may actually be cheaper than gas the way things are going...) expedia shows flights (that includes the taxes and fees) in that range from Knoxville to Fayetteville, which is much closer than LR, so I could actually pick you up & drop you off... Eat PB&J and you're looking at around $500 for flight & conference. (I know... geesh stuff adds up quick!)

Don't you feel like a real eavesdropper now? You're probably wondering why I posted this conversation. Aren't you thinking, "she's taking this 'Fun on Friday' thing a bit too far?" Maybe you're questioning my sanity. Don't you want to start a scholarship website to help me raise money? Or perhaps you think I should take up exotic dancing at Th' Katch in my spare time. Lastly, aren't you afraid Kim might change her mind after reading all this?

Let's hope not!


Teela said...

I'll be adding to the JB scholarship fund because "kitt,you got potential". I love the way you are managing your blog.

Kimberly said...

I promise not to question your sanity or change my mind!

So I'm thinking... if I could figure out an easy bookmark to make (that could ship in an envelope) & put them up on my etsy site - we could sell them for $5 each (pretty steep for a bookmark), and convince everyone we know to buy one & everyone they know to buy one... and 100 people later we have your funds! I'll look at my supplies...

Kimberly said...

Oh... and please don't let me hear about you dancing in tassles... trust me, its not worth it!!! :)

Rachel said...

Wow, your excitement is coming through my monitor! I'm so excited for you. :-)

Angela said...

wahoo for you, janna.

not that i'm bragging or anything, but i've been to the festival of faith and writing conference at calvin. it was, um, FANTASTIC. you can check out some of my stuff here http://sittingtherealone.blogspot.com/2006_04_01_archive.html
it's mixed in with the whole month. i took the greyhound down. it took around 65 hours one way, but it was way cheap and so much fun. i love travelling by bus. we should all meet up at a conference together some year.

Kimberly said...

Yeah - when I emailed Janna the conference, I made clear that it is nowhere near FF&W... which I desperately wanted to attend (not that I'm jealous)!

65 hours one way on a Greyhound?! Angela is officially my hero.