Do the Cosby

When I was growing up, Thursday night prime time meant The Cosby Show. We sat and watched as a family, and we loved it. Probably never missed an episode, including the more boring educate- the-world/cure-social-issues ones. Nowadays, when I occasionally catch an episode on Nick at Nite, it still makes me laugh.

At a wedding two weeks ago, we were sitting around talking and someone said something about what partyers we all were (not too many people on the dance floor). My response was nothing too memorable, but at the last second, I threw in a "party, party, party" complete with squeaky germ voice. Either no one heard me, or they just decided to ignore my weird little aside. But I didn't care, it still made me smile! And that's the kind of weird thing that makes me me. What weird things have you done in formal social situations?


the hamster said...

my friend seanboy taught me this great handshake thing that causes a solid social awkwardness everytime. and i love solid social awkwardness:

if someone goes to shake your hand, hold your hand up for a high five. then when they go to give you a high five, pull your hand back down for the shake. the tricky part is making it look like the confusion is on the other person's part. a slightly nervous laughter helps solidify the awkwardness a bit too. usually, after hands have been formally shook, it is then good to rub your own hand on your thigh or under your armpit, as if you're wiping off the other person's germs. like i said, seanboy taught me this and i utilize the awkward-hand at every possible social event.

in college, i used to trip myself in public all the time. i'm out of practice. i might actually hurt something these days.

John Barber said...

I eschew formal situations whenever possible.

Capt. Flipout said...

Once, when performing with Nate at the Eureka Springs Folk Festival, I asked the assembled crowd if anyone had ever killed anyone in prison. The sound of chirping crickets was deafening!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the Cosby Show!!!! And I am hopelessly socially awkward, so the stories are too many to tell. ha ha

Amber said...

I have a charm for being a real life Debbie Downer.

Did you know there are children starving in Africa? Like that.