A day in the life of Sam

Sam got interested in reading the Bible a few months ago, so we went out and got him a new one that looks cool for kids, along with a camo cover/carrier. I suggested he start in Proverbs and read a chapter each night before going to bed. When he finished that, I said go to Matthew. After Matthew, he decided he wanted to go back to the beginning. We started a new series on Genesis on Sunday mornings at church and he's been really interested the few times he's sat in the adult service.

So, Tuesday night last week John had a meeting with the Elders at 8. He left right as Sam was going to bed, and I started doing the dishes in the kitchen. Sam comes up the stairs, his voice reaching me before his feet.

"There's a word in my Bible and I have no idea what it means. I looked it up in the back and there was no definition."

"Ok, what's the word?" I asked.

"sir-kum-size-ion" he attempts.

It took me about half a second to translate his mispronunciation.

Oh no! I think. Where's John when I need him?

After squashing my giggles and embarrassment, I begin by telling him this is kinda private and he doesn't need to go talking about it at school the next day. Then I did my best to explain, with out visual aid, the physical features of something neither of us have any experience with. I also brought up the bit about Abraham and God's sign for his people. I guess that's what he'd been reading about. Anyway, it was a brief awkward situation I thought you readers would get a kick out of.

When John got home I shared my little story and he had one for me too. Earlier that day, he and Sam had been out selling pop-corn for Cub Scouts. John prepped Sam before leaving so he wouldn't be too disappointed if he didn't sell a lot. He told him, "for every sell you make, expect to be turned down ten times."

Apparently John was wrong. Sam sold a ton. He's really good at it. At one point, he was walking away and hollered (no doubt the whole neighborhood heard him) to John at the end of the sidewalk, "Very few people can resist my charm."

With all that brain power and a personality to boot, who knows what this kid will do one day! Stay tuned. . .

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait! But at the same time, I'm enjoying every stage he goes thru. I love the conversations we have - it's amazing to talk so intelligently with a nine year old! I love it!