A Mental Grocery List

1. Do not compare yourself to other Moms, and think you are somehow less of a caring mother because your life choices are not the same as theirs.

2. Know who you are, and what makes YOU happy. Be and do that.

3. When you take care of yourself, you will do a much better job taking care of your family. (The old "put the oxygen mask on yourself, before helping someone else" bit.)


The number one problem with depression, for me anyway, is this: It creates a mind and feelings (lots of guilty ones) that tell you, "You do not deserve the things listed above. You are not worthy of treating yourself so lovingly."

Mind or Brain F___. That's what Anne Lamott calls it. 

And it sucks.

It's why I had to see my therapist this morning and be reminded of the truth. The advice and care I give to other Moms is good advice. Even I deserve to follow it. 


Rhonda said...

I miss you...I love your honesty and your blog. It makes me remember lots of fun times.

travis said...

Good stuff.
You know what helped me a lot with my fight with depression? Alot of the time I would feel depressed or tell myself I was depressed and I'd stop there and ask myself, "Am I really depressed right now, or am I just telling myself I am?"
As I began to practice that, the depression fog began to lift and leave to the point where the fight is very minimal and rare now.
Don't know if that makes any sense, but I thought I'd pass it along.

Rachel said...

The oxygen mask lesson is one of the most daily relevant lessons I've learned from flying. Thanks for reminding me.