One day, hopefully when I'm old and gray, my children will have children and I will hand over the pages written here and ask them to read. I will beg them to forgive my shortcomings and hope they see in all these words my love for the three of them. And I will pray, with every breath that comes after, they learn from my mistakes and be a better parent than I was.

But maybe, just maybe, I will remember that the holes in a life, made by mothers, fathers and all the crazy world - from cradle to grave -hold the sweet hope of potential. Healing potential.

And years later, when their own children put them to the test, maybe they too will understand how I feel today. Maybe they'll call, or even write me a note, granting not only mercy, but grace, to themselves as well as me.


Lisa said...

Great post. Too used to facebook I guess because I was looking for the "like" button. ha ha.

Greg said...

Amen and amen... So much.