Just so you know, my last post was NOT about how everything we create is worth giving away just because we make it. I definitely write junk from time to time, and I was not talking about that rubbish. Specifically, I was talking about some true stories I've been telling (much of which you have not seen) that have overwhelmed me with their sadness, and I haven't found their silver linings. I'm not sure if they even have them; and yet it could be they are still to come and I do not know how to write them just now. 

But sometimes, in this creative process, I've communed with my Creator and that's been pretty neat. He's shown me a few things I never would have seen if I hadn't written them out. They've been nice little gifts, and I wanted to remind myself of them, in order to keep going.


Doubtful Muse said...

An interesting thing about those kinds of stories is that you may find yourself growing in the very process of collecting them. And one day, perhaps not as soon as you'd like, but some day in the future, and find that what you thought was dross really was a treasure after all.

I know for myself, I used to write and write and wrestle with things -- and put them away, feeling bad because I just couldn't deal with some of the stuff I was coming up with. I even stopped writing for a while. And then suddenly, as if a light went on -- everything was different. I was different. And then, I was so glad that I had all these old stories to look back at because they were a sort of road map to me as a mature writer (and person). It's like climbing a ladder. You need each step to get to the next one -- even if you don't show the intervening steps to anyone else!


Janna said...

I like the ladder idea. Encouraging. Thanks.