YOUR Momma

So, Janna, do you work?

Um yeah . . . my ass off. Ahem, excuse me, yes. Yes, I do.

And what do you do?

On a good day, about two and a half loads of laundry -- folded and put away, three sinks full of dishes, eight messes picked up, two spills absorbed, four bodies clothed and groomed and five diapers changed.

On a more average day, not so much housework because I have to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store, and sometimes I try to spend time talking with people over the age of twelve.

On bad days, I work on creating a pithy (read bitter) and thorough (read more than two word) response to such idiotic (do you see me sitting here with three kids?), ignorant (ignorant), categorizing (working and non -- 'cause there's only two) questions!


tamsaunt said...

I admire mothers to the extreme, starting with my own and moving down the line to your generation. I think young mother's today are under tremendous pressure to be SuperMom, something Nene at least didn't have to contend with. Keep you chin up, they'll be grown and gone before you know it. So just enjoy while ou can and ignore stupid questions.

tamsaunt said...

When will I learn to read more carefully before hitting "publish." Read "mother's" as "mothers"