A Lazy Post

Things have been pretty quiet on this blog lately. I started teaching pre-school two days a week, and the afternoon naps have moved from 1pm to nearly three, so sitting down to write doesn't feel worth it when I know my two older kids will be walking in the door any minute. I'm taking in much more than I put out these days. But as long as I'm taking in good stuff, I think it'll be okay. What follows may not be complete, but it's what I remember right now.

Reads of 2009

North! Or Be Eaten -- Andrew Peterson
Inkheart -- Cornelia Funke
So Brave, Young, and Handsome -- Leif Enger
The Hour I First Believed -- Wally Lamb
The Power of One -- Bryce Courtenay
Jacob Have I Loved (second time) -- Katherine Paterson
Bridge to Terabithia (") -- KP
The Great Gilly Hopkins -- KP
The City of Ember -- Jeanne DuPrau
The People of Sparks -- JD
The Diamond of Darkhold -- JD

graphic novels:
Maus (II) -- Art Speigelman
Persepolis (I) -- Marjane Satrapi

Gates of Excellence -- KP
Are Women Human? -- Dorothy Sayers
Amazing Grace -- Kathleen Norris (first started in '08, not finished yet)
A Grief Observed -- C.S. Lewis (still working on)
Living By Fiction -- Annie Dillard (")
Secrets in the Dark -- Fredrick Beuchner (had to return to library, unfinished)

I'm a rather slow and deliberate reader. And the works I didn't finish have more to do with my evening lack of brain power than the ability of the author to captivate me. Speaking of Captivating, I'm also rereading that particular book (by John and Stasi Eldredge) right now, as well as The Half-Blood Prince (HP- book 6).

What about you? What's currently resting on your nightstand or the back of your toilet? And based on this list, have you any recommendations for me?


Jenny K said...

well, friend after 2 & 1/2 conversations who I wish lived closer, if you must know:

On my nightstand right now:

1. my journals (I've been writing depressing poetry lately)
2. The one hour orgasm (wahoo! love that one)
3. the joy of cooking
4. now, discover your strengths
5. popular mechanics
6. to be told
7. the food-mood solution
and I'm currently wanting to re read Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott but can't remember who I loaned it to. arg.

The Morrison Girls said...

Currently reading HP #5. For the 5th or 6th time I can't remember? I got a bit burned out from finished up a semester at school last June. Now with working part-time I haven't really picked up a book. Once I start reading, I can't stop... even if it means reading till 4:00 am.

tamsaunt said...

On my bedside table now, Royal Pain by Rhs Bowen, (very light reading recommending by Tam)

Just finished The Private Patient by P. D. James

and Out of My Bone, the Letters of Joy Davidman (married C.S. Lewis).

Waiting to download to my Kindle later today, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. (A gift from a friend, I probably would not have purchased it myself)

Also reading at the Bookstore, People's HIstory of Christianity by Bass--subject of Sunday book study lead by our Rector.

Anonymous said...

On my nightstand right now is the first in the Frankenstein trilogy by Dean Koontz. So far a great modern Frankenstein book!

I just finished Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea.

Joy White said...

Not sure why mine is anonymous!!

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Working on . . .


This is very ADD of me, since I can usually only read one book at a time. I just have these lying around in different places in the house.

Whipple said...

Hey Janna~

Seems I've met you before. At least, I remember your name from somewhere. My wife is delivering our first in a week, so I'm shy of public appearance at the moment. That said, when along comes November, I hope to be back at the business end of a blunt instrument (that's a Bill Mallonee-ism). I would love to come play at your church/house/bar/swim meet/etc. Other than that, I've got a retreat and a fall festival coming up. Not much to speak of, but something at least.