I was listening to some old music today when I realized there are some songs that just never lose their power. Over me anyway, I guess I can't speak for the rest of the world. I had forgotten just how deeply this particular song moved me until I closed my eyes and (wham!) had a flashback. There I was in my college dorm room, windows and doors closed, cd player up loud and on repeat, making up a dance to go along with the mesmerizing ballad. Although dance doesn't seem to be the right word, it was actually more like a ballet. This is quite funny considering I have zero dance background of any kind and would need to consume large amounts of some really stiff drinks to actually perform a solo in front of anyone. Nevertheless, some of the motions came back to me today and as I began to obey memory's impulse I felt again the weight of this melody and all it's unanswered questions. So I thought I would stop by here today and jot a little note of thanks to Annie for sharing exactly how you feel. I'm beginning to understand.