A Birthday Moot

And now the real celebration can begin. That's right, Tuesday was kinda busy so we are going out tonight for my birthday. In fact, the whole week has been busy which is why I'm glad for a husband who plans ahead. Seriously, he is way better at being thoughtful and romantic than I am. Which is why he had my presents ready on Tuesday though I chose to only open one. I thought I would share part of it with you here. He printed and framed this photo for me from Hutchmoot 2010. I had forgotten we even posed for this one, but he remembered. And then he also got a bunch of these cool people to send some nice birthday wishes my way, via facebook, that he printed out and gave me with the picture. Isn't he the sweetest? No, I didn't cry (totally what he was going for) but I did laugh and smile and feel very loved. Thanks everyone for taking time to make my day extra special!

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