It's the holiday season, so oop--de-doo and dickory--dock . . .

So far, karate, pottery, photography and a few kinds of dancing have been suggested. Dancing seems to be the most popular, but I'm not necessarily basing my decision on popularity. The main point is not what I do, but how I record my efforts to learn as well as struggles and triumphs, right? Most of your suggestions would involve me signing up for a class and since it's December, that will probably have to wait  month or so, though I do need to investigate what is out there that I can afford. I am also still chewing on some of my own ideas, and maybe I will tell you about them at a later date and we can take a poll. There's that popularity popping up again. I kinda wanna please people, I guess.

In other news, here's what we've been listening to at the Barber house this season, besides all twelve Sufjans:

A great and beautiful album by Jill Phillips and her husband, Andy Gullahorn. There are funny songs, thoughtful songs and songs of celebration, plus an acoustic version of that Charlie Brown Christmas song -- what more could you want? Check it out here: https://store.rabbitroom.com/music/christmas

This one is all for the kids, but guaranteed not to bore the parents:

Randall Goodgame (and Andrew Peterson) put out an album a few years back called Slugs and Bugs, and now he's come up with a more silly songs for the Christmas season. Lots of laughs and silliness. Lots of cuddles and sweetness you and yours will enjoy for years to come.You can find it here: https://store.rabbitroom.com/music/a-slugs-bugs-christmas

Both these albums have a digital download option if you're not up for waiting on another postal package. And I'm advertising because I want their stuff to sell so they can keep on creating more great stuff. Seriously, these artists have blessed me with their gifts and I'm so glad I can turn to their music when I need it, which is often. Hope you can discover these treasures, too!

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