Wrapped up in the middle

I figured there would be some sort of price to pay for the privilege of getting to see both Sara Groves' Christmas tour and Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God in the same week. I did not realize that price would be three snow days stuck at home with three stir crazy children. I'm not complaining though, only an hour and a half left until I leave hubby at home with kids for show number 2, and it looks like the threat of icy roads has nearly disappeared. Plus, I get to go with two cool, thoughtful friends and we are going to eat yummy Mexican food beforehand. Looking forward to great conversation, truthful storytelling, and a bit of holy music sprinkled on top.

These days are slow but quickly passing as my moods swirl up cool and damp then rattle down like the ever changing precipitation. And I pray my heart can close in tight on the goodness; let cinnamon be the scent that lingers.

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Teela said...

I remember those snowed in days w/3 little ones. We made alot of rice krispie treats and cookies. Maybe that's what helped form me into the crafting queen I am now, too! HAHA! Coloring and making paper dolls and having to be creative with what was on hand. But by jove, all 3 of you learned to blow bubbles with your gum, and make a mean jacob's ladder with your yarn! hang in there sweetie...one day you'll be longing for these days of being couped up on inclimate days with these 3!