Because . . .

Well just so you know, I did post my poem yesterday. I didn't advertise because I felt a little shy about it, but I'm over that now I guess, so here's your link.

And while we're linking I should mention this is something I really want to go to. Katherine Patterson is one of my recent heroes, and it would be pretty cool to visit that place as well. It's two hours away, and my husband has class Friday night, but if any of you local friends wanted to drive over with me, I could try to make it happen. Send me an e-mail if you're interested.

Lastly, I want to talk about how I applied for a job last week. I spent all day last Monday updating my resume and writing a cover letter. It was a fun exercise and I felt rather grown-up when I thought about re-entering an office-work-type situation, though at the same time, I had misgivings. The hours were more than I was looking for and I wondered at how easily I was willing to set aside my Monday writing days for a little extra cash. Well, yesterday I got an e-mail saying the position had already been filled and I felt a great relief. Yes, there's always a small twinge of rejection when you're told thanks, but no thanks; yet I was hopeful there was a message in it for me somewhere.

Benji woke me a couple of times Sunday night and when I couldn't get back to sleep in the early morning, I got up and decided to write the review that had been trying to stitch itself together in my head during those  restless hours. I posted it around 6 a.m. and while I was tired, my brain was ready to work some more after everyone left the house. Then I got the e-mail, and the closing of that door seemed to illuminate more brightly the path I was already walking. I sat down for awhile with my poem. I took notes about an idea I had for a new essay and I thought about my book -- the unfinished one swirling about various parts of my heart, head and psyche. After awhile I began to think how it wasn't just a good, productive day of writing, but it was a good, productive day that happened to come along the exact same time that I had been trying to go somewhere else and was stopped. And the more I think about it, I don't think those two things are coincidental. At least not today.

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