Number two

I hoped I would be able to give you two original poems (along with two posts) today but it's just not going to happen. It's been a busy weekend and my ideas were not given enough time and attention to really develop. John has been really great at giving me some time on Fridays to get out of the house and go marinate at a coffee shop, or wherever I end up, but this past Friday he had a seminary class to get ready for and we had errands to get caught up on so my trip got postponed to Friday night while he was in class and grandma had the kids. However, my mojo was asleep by then and I ended up going shoe shopping. Then I went to Borders and read some poetry books by Plath and Rilke while I drank tea, snacked on a snickerdoodle and listened to a local guy play his guitar. Anyway, here's the one (off the wall) poem I did  finish for this week -- I'd love it if you went and checked it out. Contrary to the popular beliefs I believe and populate, I'm not always thoughtful and serious. Enjoy!

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