You got to bundle up, Baby ...

It’s been pretty quiet here lately, and that’s because life has been so loud. It can be very hard to speak slowly when everyone around you is screaming fast. In the past few weeks, two of my kids have been sick, one of my loved ones was in the hospital, and we had a slight flood in the basement which resulted in an electrical outlet shorting out. Between the puke that missed the toilet and all the wet towels used to soak up rain water, I must have washed fifteen loads of laundry in three days. Plus, it was one of the busiest times of the year for my husband at work, so most of the furniture rearranging and rug pulling back and fan aiming was preformed by yours truly. As was the temperature taking and the extra child holding, and all the regular worrying I normally share with him.

Thankfully, the event he was preparing for is behind us, and everyone else is either well or on the mend now. We also got to visit with family we don’t get to see too often and the dam  age done downstairs was minimal. The outlet was repaired on Monday but we haven’t had time to clean out all the gutters yet, so just to be safe, we turned off that breaker last night when it started raining again. I am hoping (and praying) today’s slow and steady rain will not produce the same effect as last week’s quick and heavy storm.

It is Ash Wednesday, and also my baby’s birthday today. He is four years old, and not even remotely a baby any longer and I had to cry about that just a little last night. There is a little damp hope floating in the cool moist air today that makes me feel like something good is on its way.  But perhaps it is simply having the time and patience and energy to sit here and type this all out right now which makes the past a little more past and the present a little more important.

I am ready for forty days of something steady. Something worthwhile that may even bring continuity to the swells of this rainy season before resurrection. Last year I gave up facebook for Lent, and I told the world about it here. This year I have decided to add on rather than take out, and I am only telling Jesus about it later today. Yes, he already knows, but that won’t make the sharing any less real. May this change, the one I am choosing and have a bit of control over, shore up a few dry and restful stops amid the stream.

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Teela said...

Wonderful words Janna. I wish I could come over and help you next week, but not sure what we're doing. I just hope I'm feeling better...still have rattling and wheezing. Love you, Mom