How It's Done

No offense to Ms. Rebbeca B, but Friday is not the only time one can get down.Sometimes it happens on a Saturday afternoon around 3 o'clock. Especially if one has had a frustrating, soccer-less morning yet suddenly finds within herself a bit of inspiration after digging through old posts and stumbling upon this bit of good news. And if that one is lucky enough to find  an interesting assortment of pb&j, spicy thai chips and a box of raisins on her plate for lunch, it will only fuel that mojo and produce a short blog post which reminds her what a good feeling it is to have an eleven year old who knows how to microwave his own frozen panini and two younger children who are content to play in the creek by the house until they get hungry -- even if the girl child outside is the source of earlier noted frustration. Forgiveness is the heart of the matter, after all. And one could do a lot worse than a few grateful moments at the keyboard with drink in hand. A lot worse, my friends. But there truly isn't much better.

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