Strummin' My Pain

There are artists who excel at sharing their stories, whom we listen to and understand, relate even; and there are artists who make us feel as though they know the intimate details of our own personal stories. I don't think it's because of some cosmic connection we have with those artists, rather it is their particular gifting which allows them to capture and share exactly what it means to be human. Eric Peters is one of those artists. The stories he tells are not just his own, but those of everyman. And the fact that he often uses everyday objects or even animals to tell these stories makes him all the more lovable.I have written a bit about seeing Eric in concert here, and I reviewed his latest album here. Tomorrow night, Eric will be playing in Oak Ridge, TN and we will be there to listen yet again. I hope some of you can join us.


FraSha said...

Janna ~ I'm going to an Eric Peters house concert next Monday! Can't wait!!


rjblueyes said...

I love eric peters! We used to have two of his cds that we got from his concert at providence. We lost them in a move though :(