Quickly, before I go

As I type, I should be packing up. We are hitting the road again, sans husband/father/John, thhis time headed for Mt. Juliet and the new abode of my parents and sister. First item on the agenda: join my sister and soon-to-be-twelve-year-old son at the midnight showing of DH2! Not sure what the rest of the weekend will hold save lots of looking and finding. Just wanted to point you to my post at the Rabbit Room today. Thankful for all the people who keep things running over there and the uniquely other folks I've been blessed to meet through that site.

I am hungry and jittery, and my feelings have been all over the place the last few days. Anger, sadness and exhaustion threaten to suck the life out of this good summer month we call July, July, July! Hope you and yours do not succumb and that we can meet here again very soon. Stay cool!

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Dernhelm said...

Hurrah! I found your blog - really enjoyed your RR post.