Never to Stand Apart

Walter Wangerin Jr has written several books: children's picture books, award winning novels, memoirs, devotionals and even a musical. One of our favorites has a rather cheesy cover and a title that make it seem like it should sit exclusively on a bookshelf at your local Christian retailer. Do not be deceived, there are beautiful thoughts and honest dialogue in this meditation on parenting, changing relationships and growth. Here's a bit that I like about  prayer, from a letter he wrote to his godson.

..."this was their faith: not that they felt God had to heal you on account of prayer, but rather that they wanted never to stand apart from God, especially not now. Yes, they were scared for you. But they were never, never scared of God, not ever scared to lose God... Might there be a healing? Then give glory to God. Must there be a worse hurt? Then let the dear Lord strengthen everyone when strength would be most needed." -- from Little Lamb Who Made Thee

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