Do, or do not. There is no try.

I do not have an exact quote for you today, but a little snippet from a conversation shared at Hutchmoot. It was Friday evening, after I'd finished my meal and I was walking around looking for my friend Katherine. I wasn't having any luck, so I stopped to ask my new friend Leanne, who was sitting with Sally Lloyd-Jones, if she'd seen her anywhere.We finally surmised that Katherine must have left for the evening, so I decided to sit down and join the conversation until it was time for Jason Gray's concert. Sally was talking mostly to Leanne's husband Dave about his latest book, and how he came to write it.After a few moments, Leanne made a really nice effort to pull me into the conversation and told Sally that I was a writer too. I was embarrassed and said "aspiring writer." Sally asked what I was working on and I fumbled a bit with that then she asked me a more direct question:

"Do you write, Janna?"

"Er, yes," I said.

"Then you're a writer," she replied. "I don't want to hear any more of this 'aspiring' business, alright?"

Yes, Ma'am, Miss Sally. I'm not sure if I said anything at all in response, but the whole thing struck me later as some sort of zen experience with someone who, for just a moment, took on the unlikely combination of Master Yoda and Mr.Tim Gunn.

So, this little post is my thank-you to Sally. It was such a pleasure hearing your talk at Hutchmoot, but it was seeing the person you were throughout the weekend, the embodiment of all that is sweet and lovely in your books, that will leave a lasting impression on me. Thanks so much for coming down to Nashville! I hope we treated you well.

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Alyssa said...

"...the embodiment of all that is sweet and lovely in your books..." - she really was. Great description.

Thanks for sharing this story. I was squirming right along with you! I know that "aspiring" feeling so well.