Sleep, and dream of sand

"Cold" by Waterdeep

Cold is your heart in the winter
Sweet is a song
Strange are the sounds that they made for you
Empty and gone
Long is my heart when I hear you tell
Of all that’s been locked up and broken into
Lost is the sweetness of the mornings
Where all your secrets are held
Cold are the images of love and steel
Warm is your hand
Hard is the heart that won’t let you feel
Soft is the iron in your land
Lost are the ships that are set to sea
Sinking them is sometimes in the plan
But you and I we have another way
We will sleep and dream of sand
Large is the swelling of the ocean’s rage
So strong are its tides
It will pull you though you have a place
To anchor inside
Dark are the eyes that will never see
The kingdom of The Great Light
My Lord, he smiles on everything
And to the meek he gives delight

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timcourtois said...

Glad you liked my video, & thanks for the heads up that you were posting it on your blog.

(Though I'm sure it was the song, more than the video that you were drawn to. It's a beautiful song.)