on valleys and shadows

I wrote another post for our church blog last week. It's called "Blessed Be" and it starts out like this:

Before moving to Knoxville, John and I lived in Maryland for six years, where we attended a small church plant. After we’d been involved a few years, my friend Valerie began volunteering as worship leader. She played keyboard and sang while her husband played guitar. Val also had a group of three or four vocalists singing backup, and for about a year, I was one of them. It was fun to meet once a week and sing around the piano. I knew everyone in the group before I began singing, but the experience of praising God with them week after week made them feel like family.

If you'd like to finish reading the article, you can follow this link.Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Rhonda said...

I loved this post. I loved it with my whole heart. I've been there...overcome by the shadow. For different reasons, but I have been there. Aren't you glad we serve a God who is big enough to give us space?