What if you're just a broke down piano? Could you still have a song to sing?

By the school, on the street
You were dropped off with a sign
"This piano is free"
You didn't look free to me

Cast aside, obsolete
Since they canceled music class
You've been a refugee
But now I'll give you a home


So I pushed and I heaved
But your weight bore down like I could not believe
Had you accepted defeat?
Till the crowd gathered round put away their goings on
And hunkered down and they were cheering you on


And the expert, with his tools
Said "to bring it up to pitch
Would snap the sucker in two”
I guess we’re tuning into you
So I pulled up a seat and
I swear I felt a pulse beneath your keys
To urge your hammers along


I was caught, I was stuck
And my thoughts confounded, deepening the rut
Until your first chord struck
Now I search on the shores
But my God you've given another chance to learn
Come on and teach me your songs

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Anonymous said...

I like this