I have this friend. He’s younger than me, smarter than me and profoundly talented. He takes unique photos, pens notable, intelligent songs, writes awesome stories, plays multiple instruments and sings with complete abandon. And here’s the truth: sometimes it’s hard for me to be his friend. But it’s not because he’s unfriendly. He’s one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. And he’s only ever been kind to me, inviting me to share my writing and often doling out warm praise. Even when he gives me critical feedback, he does so in the gentlest way.

The trouble with our relationship is me. I’m jealous of his gifts and intimidated by his prowess. Sometimes I leave our time together completely frustrated by my lack of education, but there have been so many more times when his words have encouraged and blessed me. And he challenges me to do what I do better. So it seems to me that I’ve got to get over myself and make the most of this friendship.

What’s the best way to do this, other than deleting that last paragraph? I don't have a neat and tidy answer right now, but it feels like there’s something else I’m supposed to do today and the best thing I’ve come up with so far is to promote him here on my blog. Perhaps there’s not a huge reception out there, but it’s the loudest microphone I have access to right now and I’d like to make use of it. To spread the news about his music and his voice. And so with all that strange introduction, I’d like you to meet my friend Adam.

On this video, he’s singing a song called Love’s Not Simple. Another friend of ours shot this video for him, and they met because of their mutual connection with me. Now that’s something I don’t mind one bit.

And if you like what you’re hearing, go check out his website here: adamwhipple.com. If you have time to listen to one more track in soundcloud box, might I suggest #3? Have a grand Tuesday afternoon, folks. See ya back here…sometime!


Anonymous said...

JB, thanks for sharing. Loved the melodic sound of Love's Not Simple. Hope your friend does well, and thanks for the introduction of Adam. Your aunt loved it!havTtos grandson

Anonymous said...

"Won't leave me alone..." Sigh... Your friend is a great talent