a list for letting go

1. I have about 4 chapters written so far. I'm planning for 12, so that means I'm 1/3rd of the way finished.
2. Tonight my daughter wiped away a single tear from my face. It's just what I do; I cry when something beautiful happens right in front of me. Most people don't notice. I was glad that she did.
3. My man likes to listen to mellow grooves late at night.
4. I think that peppermint chai must have had caffiene. Otherwise I'd be in bed by now, right?
5. I'd like a list of practical ways to show people that you love them, and then I'd like to nail that list to some people's front doors.
6. I'm supposed to go have breakfast with a bunch of 5th graders and their parents in the morning. Don't ask me if I'm excited about this.
7. People still surprise me. Thankfully, it's usually in a good way. Maybe that's because I've already seen most of the yucky stuff before.
8. mason jars
9. Why did I put this in list form? Because it's a shortcut to real writing, which I'm too tired for.
10. Debates are difficult for those of us who like to mull things over first. But we're pretty sure anything we have to say wouldn't change your mind, so we'll probably just stay quiet.

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