Just Do It

No, there's not a picture of a swoosh to go along with this post. Yes, I'm feeling too apathetic right now to go searching the internet for one. I'm feeling anxious to get started writing this morning. I'm excited because I feel like I know where I'm headed  more than ever before, like there's a real path now. But I'm also scared to get going. Sometimes it's easier to just sit and think about the possibilities and the big picture than to actually get to work on all the details. It's like standing in front of a blank canvas with a crisp, vivid picture in your mind and worrying that you don't have the right colors of paint. I guess the only way forward is to start brushing and mixing, and being okay with possibly having to buy a new canvas every now and then. It's good to be comfortable with scratching through and starting over. Each attempt simply provides me with more practice.

Wish me luck!

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