Did you forget your name?

Tonight I've been tweaking a poem I first wrote a few years ago, after reading the second of these books. The protagonist is a female pirate named Fin Button, who reminds me a little bit of Anne Shirley. I don't have flaming red hair like either of those characters, but I identify with them in many other ways, so I borrowed a few facets of their fictional lives to write a poem about myself.

It can be difficult to hold on to this vision of myself as a writer, a risk taker, and a woman dearly loved by a king. Writing it down and making it rhyme sometimes helps. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

Lovers at Sea
Beloved Beauty
pursuing her bliss --
a tale that is sure
to make sore

Trolling blue depths
for the truest of myths,
her sailor come home
from the war

Yes, he’s right there beside her
spinning yarn into gold
Now he’s steering in tighter,
love’s mercies to hold

They’re tending the wounds
of souls torn asunder
While trash is turned treasure,
worth much more than plunder

The Anne girl loves better;
him there by her side
No union was ever so sweet

Songs never ending
for his blushing bride --
the loveliest star of the fleet

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