Hooray for new books!

I don't read a whole lot of fantasy novels, but ever since I met Helena Sorensen in person last year at Hutchmoot, I've been anxious to read her books. Last week she announced the release of the second book in  a trilogy she's written about a world called Shiloh. I read the first two books last year, and I'm anxious to get started on number three.

Shiloh released in August of 2014 and it tells the story of a friendship between Amos and Simeon, two young boys who live in "a world of darkness, a world of fire and stone and wood and earth, of arrows and horses and clans and legends." That world reminds me of someplace like Scotland or Ireland, toward the end of the middle ages, but with a few major differences. The world Helena has created is cloaked in an actual, physical darkness, and the Shadow realm of this world contains many dangerous enemies. Helena's beautiful prose pulls you into this world, where the sun, if there is a sun at all, has never been seen. It's a gripping story, filled with action, tenderness, faith and love.

The second book, Seeker, tells the story of the Sun Clan, a tribe that lived many years before Amos and Simeon. Seeker is about what happened to that tribe to make it disappear, as well as the heroic adventures of various members of the tribe, whose stories became the legends which inspired Amos' family to hope. Hope is a most mysterious human habit. There's no predictor for who will turn out to be a hopeful person, yet sometimes people in the worst circumstances turn out to be the ones with the most powerful hope. Seeker showed me character after character who refused to give up hope, no matter how dark the circumstances got, and it I found it completely inspiring.

The third book in the trilogy is set to release later this year. If you'd like to learn more about Helena or her books, you should visit her author page here.

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