Gratefulness and the Blog

Let me tell you about my friend Jerusalem. Yep, that's her name. We met in college at dear old OBU, when she was a sophomore, I was a freshman and my sister was a junior. She was my sister's friend first. We became close the next year, when she moved in to our corner suite on the fourth floor, taking the place of another dear friend Heather Bird, who'd decided to explore life across the pond that spring.

It was a time when J-ru was a little less forthright than the other roommates would have liked her to be. And either I was a little bit attracted to this dark side, or a little more merciful than the "forthrites." It was probably a bit of both. It didn't take long for us to bond, for she was the yin to my yang. One night she told me she thought we were soulmates and this made my Anne of Green Gables heart sing.

Our friendship has endured some tough times, like when she was my boss at "thesheperraansh," but I owe her a lot. My wedding for instance, would have been a disaster if she hadn't been there filling in the gaps. There's also the countless hours she spent psychoanalyzing me and my family, before passing me off to our shared counselor: Gail. Finally, I went off and left her in Little Rock, while we flew off to adventures in MD. Thankfully, despite the miles between us, we've stayed in touch via phone, blogs, e-mail, and the occasional trip back to the homeland. So today I want to say thanks to Jerusalem for being my pirky Pooh Bear friend, and for encouraging this gloomy doom Eeyore to look up and see the sun.

Ms. J has a great little blog where she does all things crafty and cute (things I'm not so good at). A couple of weeks ago, she issued a challenge to her readers and fellow bloggers: post what we are thankful for, ever day until Thanksgiving. So, it is in honor of her that I give you today's list. I can't promise I'll be as verbose and positive tomorrow, or even the next day, but there will be something everyday, so check back. Until then friends, read on!

Today I am thankful for:
10. Jerusalem Cross Jackson Greer
9. Benjamin learning how to put himself to sleep and more importantly, back to sleep, at night.
8. My laptop.
7. The word "and." As in, oranges are sweet and sour.
6. My membership at the YMCA.
5. Yoga
4. a house to live in
3. a job that pays the bills (mostly)
2. family to love
1. Writing


jeanetta said...

you so need to post more. i am always so excited to see your blog highlighted on my bloglines list. i'm like oh yeah janna wrote something.
yeah and chillout on the jeru praise, you know how she gets a big head sometimes. lol. jk :P

Jerusalem said...

What is the Cross for? Is that some weird stage I went through in college and gave myself that name, Cause I have no middle name? That is funny... SO glad you are bloggin sister!!!

Me said...

Thanks for the comments girls! J-ru, I thought it was Cross, maybe it was Star. Guess you decided you were fine w/ out a middle name. Ha Ha!

Kimberly said...

I didn't realize Jerusalem doesn't have a middle name! Charrolee didn't have a middle name, either. I guess if your first name is original enough, there's no need for a second.

Sorry I missed out on all of the "thankfulness" posting, but I am loving reading everyone else's.