YOU Asked For It

Because my friend Nathan tagged me, and because I don't write about myself enough on this here blog, I'm going to describe five unique/weird things about myself.

Number One:

I secretly believe I have this inborn sense of rhythm, so incredibly good that were I to pick up a baton and sit down behind a drum kit, I could play along with virtually any song. I've never had drum lessons and I have certainly never tried to play, except maybe when I was a kid. However, in my head, I see myself as an unknown genius, comparable to such greats as Watts. No, I will never test my theory. Do not ask me again.

Number Two:

I can not tell you the number of times someone, usually someone I've just met, has said to me, "You look just like . . ." They usually name some friend or cousin or such. This has been happening since jr. high when these guys in the mall swore that they knew me and I'd never seen them before. Of course, it suddenly occurs to me that these were jr. high boys, in a mall -- yeah that was probably some kind of joke. I've been told I look like a few famous people: Nancy Kerrigan, Lily Taylor and even Claire Danes. (Although I think maybe that was more a reminder of her character "Angela.") I never know how to respond when people tell me these things, as I don't usually know the person they are referring to and can not be sure if it's a compliment. Most recently, our pastor, and my ex-boss, told me this girl reminded him of me, before I got my hair cut . . . and when I used to be 2 inches taller, weighed 15 pounds less and was 5 years younger minus three kids. Yeah, then I looked exactly like Mary Katherine Ham.

Number Three:

I have always been a sucker for brown eyes, dark hair and olive skin. However, I am married to a blue eyed, blond, who's so fair I jokingly call him "transparent." Does that mean I don't think my husband's cute? No, of course not. Have you seen him in his new hat? And while it's true John's looks were not the first thing that attracted me to him, at the end of the day, when the button down collared shirt he wore to work is still tucked in yet slightly disheveled --you know, the sleeves are rolled up and the tie came off during the drive home-- that is when he is completely, utterly, adorable and of course, absolutely irresistible.

Number Four:

John says this is gross and weird, but he has milk issues. I like to crumble up day old cornbread, put it in a cold glass of milk, and eat it with a spoon. I'm not the only person who enjoy this delicacy. I can name at least four other people. No, it does not matter that I am related to all of them.

Number Five:

I'm not very fast, and I can't go very far, but I LOVE to run. I am not in the best shape, but I don't let that stop me from sprinting to the front door after taking out the trash, or racing my kids to the car in the church parking lot. Running always puts a smile on my face. Blame it on my endorphin starved brain. In fact, if I wasn't worried about people laughing at me, I'd run everywhere, every chance I got, just like Forrest. Woops, I probably shouldn't have said that. Yep, I think I hear a new nickname coming: Janna Gump. I'm sure everyone will be looking for the next opportunity to start chanting, "Run Janna Run." Well, I guess that's alright. I've certainly been called worse. You do what you can for a laugh. But I figure, as long as I don't break an ankle or something, I think I'll keep on "ruhnneynguh."

So there you have it folks. Now it's my turn to tag some people. I believe I'll start with Kevbo, followed by Barberman and our fair Aunt. Since Mom started blogging, I'm gonna have to get her. And Currey, come on dude, time to step up to the plate.


tamsaunt said...

John is obviously in denial about his heritage. Day old cornbread, crumbled up in a glass of cold milk (not a bowl), is the food of the gods!

Kimberly said...

ditto on the cornbread and milk... yummy!

Nathaniel said...

a pone of stale cornbread in a glass of milk is good - but put it in ice cold buttermilk and it is even better!

jeanetta said...

omg corn bread and milk totally rocks!! what planet is her from. that was my fav dinner as a kid.
hmm i see some old corn bread sitting in ziploc bag. think i'll go have me some of dat!

Shirley said...

Where have I been lately? Did I even know John didn't like milk and cornbread? He must be totally denying his heritage! And buttermilk is absolutely the milk of choice!!!!!

Capt. Flipout said...

OK - I did mine. Challenge answered!

the hamster said...

allow me the indulgence:

#1 - NO WAY you just wrote about Watts! the wife and i watched that movie this week. i think it is john hughes best. when i was a kid, i fell in love with women on tv - not at school. the order went - 5th grade: stacy ferguson (KIDS INC.); 6th grade: alyssa milano (who's the boss); 7-9th grade: Watts.

(i always liked Watts more than mary stuart masterson - like scarlett johannson in LOST IN TRANSLATION: love the character, not a fan of her).

anyway, what was keith thinking with that whole amanda jones obsession? keith had Watts! keith made Watts sweat under those red fringed gloves! he was a man among boys.

i loved Watts until i saw T2 at age 14. it's been only linda hamilton ever since, people.

#2 - i've always thought you look just like my friend john's wife. i mean, it's crazy!

growing up people told me i looked like dinky from the littles. then a few dudes at OBU told me i looked like bill mallonee. now i get the regular "you look just like david crowder" line around texas a&m. note: none of these dudes are exactly known for being heart-throbs either.

#3 - so do you love the christian bale? you'd be lying to say no!

my wife always wanted a husband that sang, played multiple instruments, wore three-piece suits, had short hair, owned a cabinet full of cologne and a closet full of dress shirts. boy, was she in for a surprise!

#4 - i grew up eating cornbread crumbled up in butter milk. ate it till i moved to college. wouldn't touch the stuff now. i also have milk issues.

(ps. i love the way you unfolded that last sentence there. it was the perfect punch line when i was not even expecting a punch line.)

#5 - so let's talk more about Watts. i think the thing that i loved about Watts was that she was so tough, but, at the same time, like real stinkin' pretty. the girls at my school growing up were one or the other. they were either pretty girls, or they beat me up. (i have always been a small lad). then there was Watts - who may be proof that i've always been a feminist. or feminine. whichever. depending on the day of the week.

Cory said...

I ate the milk and the cornbread when I was younger. Much younger. I learned it from my grandmother, who actually preferred buttermilk. My sister was the blacksheep that preferred biscuits crumbled in chocolate milk.