Because John thinks RD needs to lighten up

1. My first CD was Michael Bolton covering classics. I confess, I thought he was hot.
2. My first drink was a strawberry daquiri. I was twenty-one.
3. My favorite drink is italian creme soda with a splash of vanilla.
4. The first time I kissed a boy was on the tunnel of love at Six Flags over Dallas. It was a church youth group trip.
5. I skipped first grade.
6. My husband is the best kisser.
7. The best place to make out is in the woods.
8. But not on a four wheeler. (not very comfortable)
9. I pierced both my ears (second hole) late one night when I was sixteen. The holes were crooked, so after a few days, I took the right one out.
10. I have been to Africa.
11. I saw the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic.
12. I've never been to Mexico or Canada.
13. I have lived in seven different states.
14. Fifteen different towns.
15. Seven different schools before I graduated.
16. I love going barefoot in the summer.
17. My feet are always cold in the winter.
18. I'm cursed with the gift of smell, like Steve Martin in Roxanne.
19. I played the flute from sixth grade to Freshman year of college.
20. Basketball is by far my best sport.
21. Followed by flag football, which may be my favorite.
22. I really hate watching sports on TV, but love going to sporting events.
23. I kind of want to be a real bad ass, like Kat Von D.
24. Don't tell my kids, but riding motorcycles is fun.
25. I have two tattoos, currently searching out inspiration for a third.
26. I'm eight months older than my husband.
27. I was a cheerleader my senior year, the year all eleven girls who tried out made the team.
28. When we moved to Lepanto, in the middle of ninth grade, I decided I wanted everyone to call me JB instead of Janna. They did. By the time I got to college, I didn't like it anymore, so I changed back.
29. My daughter is the best hugger.
30. I'd like to have a love affair with just the voice of Adam Duritz.
31. Or maybe Jeff Tweedy.
32. I wish I looked like Audrey Hepburn.
33. My son Sam is the smartest person I've ever met.
34. Usually, I would rather listen to Elvis than the Beatles.
35. Except for two songs, I don't really like Sufjan Stevens.
36. I'm thirty-one years old, and I've never been drunk. At this point, don't think I ever will.
37. I have an uncanny knack for remembering song lyrics, like Can You Read My Mind the love theme from Superman, which I haven't seen in like twenty years.
38. Outer Space scares me.
39. My husband might me a better cook than me, he certainly has more passion about cooking, and food in general, than me.
40. Remember how it felt the first time you really listened to Where the Streets Have No Name? Maybe it was riding in a car, with the windows down, perhaps it was your college dorm, room four stories up, looking out across the campus, with the speakers at full volume? That's the feeling I want people to have when they read my writing.
41. John Stephen Barber is my best friend.
42. I miss the Chesapeake Bay.
43. Skiing is lots of fun, snow and water.
44. I like climbing trees.
45. I have a two inch scar in the middle of my left knee.
46. And a smaller one that splits my left eyebrow.
47. I guess the strawberry birthmark on my right cheek balances it all out.
48. I've never broken a bone.
49. Rainbows are awesome. So is dullness.
50. I don't even want to taste caviar.


jeanetta said...

awesome list!

Jerusalem said...

and the world keeps spinning on and on and on... I love your list friend!

the hamster said...

2. first drink: heineken with neal sullivan, spring 1999. last drink: shiner bock with ben langford, 10:15 last night.

23. i thought you were a total bad ass when me and you and meredith used to kick it my freshman year. i kinda feared you, in that good and old testament sorta way.

25. the one reason i want to gain more weight and put on some muscles is so i can have more canvas for all the designs i have drawn up. the full-arm sleeves i've got planned are boss - f-bombing boss!

30. would you let adam's hair tag along with his voice? i mean, that great dredsy hair he had back in the day.

34. the beatles are evidence that americans are too gullible for their own good. if the british invasion was that easy, i can't wait to see what will befall us next.

38. we are better friends now. i was going to put this on my list of facts, but i'll tell you here: deep sea pictures and video footage scare me more than anything. nightmares, i tell ya. nightmares.

40. when i read your writing it is usually on a computer, but i'm always wishing it was in a book so i could throw it against the wall in a jealous temper tantrum the way i throw salinger or o'connor or, recently, annie dillard. yea, that's how i feel when i read your writing - fear in that good and old testament sorta way.

Janna Y. Barber said...

j&j - thanks for reading and complimenting and for being so cool w/ your own blogs.

kev - perhaps one day both our words will be in books and we will have signed copies for each other. until then, do not let jealousy take over and do not doubt your own voice. glad you're still here friend!

Andrew Clarke said...

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