Because Mr. Barber is 10 times cooler than me . . .

1. My husband John has rejoined the blog-o-verse, check out the link on the right.

2. Started writing a piece yesterday about my sister. Never really saw it coming, but am excited about how it will turn out. New subjects are good, sometimes I feel like I'm always saying the same old things.

3. You should check out Real Live Preacher today; it's a real nice piece.

4. I'm going to Nashville Sat. to visit Mom for a few days, taking Ben and Laney with me. She went to the Dr. for a biopsy of her breast Thurs. and will hopefully hear something good Mon. or Tues. If you pray, please do so for her and my family.

5. I've been wishing I lived in Florida, or Hawaii lately. Some place where I need no more than five pieces of clothing and flip flops. I need the sun these days. Waves would be nice too.


Jerusalem said...

waves. waves would be so nice....

Janna Y. Barber said...

GOOD GOOD News: Mom's biopsy was negative. Still going to visit, leaving in the morning.

the hamster said...

i do not even know your mom, but i love good news. and this is good news. it's hard to type with double rock fists pumping in the air. thanks for sharing.

once, i lived in china on the edge of the yellow sea. there were always waves. at night, the waves echoed in the hallways of our foreign teacher building. all that booming and sizzling tricked you into thinking your bed was moving with the flow. music has that effect.

sometimes the yellow sea waves smelled good. sometimes they smelled bad. the mystery was enough to keep us coming back everyday with beer in bottles and sand in our shirt pockets, breathing deeply and either praising or cursing, depending.

waves also equal wind. and wind equals travelling, even while standing still. living by beaches is a good thing. i bet your husband looks good in swim trunks. i always envied his calf muscles.