A little Experiment

My attitude toward this blog has been a little negative lately and I've considered quitting altogether to focus on more serious writing pursuits. But today I did some surfing and got another idea. I'm still going to put more focus on my writing, but I'm simply changing my approach to the blog to try and make it more fun and be a little less emotionally invested here. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna blog every SINGLE day of the week (M-F, that is)!!

I'll try to explain.

Moody on Monday:

Rainy days and Mondays do often get me down. I'm going to quit fighting it. On Monday I will give in and admit my honest mood to you, briefly tell why (if possible) and catharticize my little heart out -- or not, depending on my mood.

Thoughtful on Tuesday:

This is the day I will post a snippet of whatever I am currently doing in the "serious" writing pursuit. If you want more, like the whole essay for instance, you'll have to e-mail me.

Weird on Wednesday:

My attempts to be funny and creative will be documented here. I hope you will laugh or smile or think I'm weird. But so are you!

Thankful on Thursday:

Pretty self explanatory, but just to add a little alliteration, I'll list three things. Props go to the Hamster and Mia Storia for inspiring me towards thankfulness and lists.

Fun on Friday:

Whatever the heck I wanna post. No rules, regulations or restrictions apply. In college we used to have cussing Fridays. We allowed ourselves to have filthy mouths one day a week and restrained the rest of the time. It was fun. I don't really know why. Mr. Caviar and I still know how to get laughs out of each other w/ a well placed "yo mama" joke, over ten years later!

Weekends are for my family:

No internet activity. The computer will rest -- hopefully. I'm also going to limit myself to an hour, spent posting or commenting, or e-mailing, every morning and will only check e-mail once after the kids go to bed.

I'm so glad summer is here and my favorite TV shows are taking a break. I hope to do lots more reading and writing in the evenings now.

Hope to see you back here soon! Buh-bye!


Jerusalem said...

I love it! I have always enjoyed it when my bloggin had structure or a schedule...

Rachel said...

Wow, I'm excited to have so much new stuff to read!!!

the hamster said...

i still think it's good, even in all the serious writing, to have a place to come and be fun and kick the big four square ball around together.

poles require two ends: we can't know good without knowing bad; can't know satisfied without knowing hunger; can't know bird legs without knowing john barber's calf muscles. and we can't know serious writing without knowing the fun times too.

one of my most favorite c.s. lewis books is his letters to children. even the greats had to stay young and fun and alive.

so keep coming out to the playground. myles went inside for a long time but just came back out. we're waiting to see if he can get the four square ball stuck up in the tree again.

jeanetta said...

omg i love yo mam jokes. lol
so looking forward to your new approach. i love to read your stuff. grant it i find myself in need of kleenex about half way through but i still love it all.