W.O.W., edition 1

Wow turned upside down is Mom. Here is my Mom. She's so smart and kooky. It's a good thing she didn't pull this kinda stuff when I was in junior high. I would have died of humiliation. But now that I'm a grown adult, I wish I had her gusto and fearlessness.

I know you're wondering if I too have cord issues. No, I absolutely do not. Nor do I have a neat and clean bathroom like the one you see her standing in. That is why, should you ever come to visit, you will never be allowed in my master bathroom!


the hamster said...

dude, next time i'm in tennessee, i'm gonna call your mom and ask her to have tea with me and the wife. she's cool.

(and i watched the video then ran to the bathroom and sure enough found the cord on my beard trimmer and the cord on latonya's hair straigtening iron all flabbed over and swinging down by the sink. sick. we need to fly through this roll of poopie paper like something quick.)

Capt. Flipout said...

The only person in my house that uses a hair-straightener is my 15 year old son. He is what the young people call a "ginger - emo"

Lucky me!

Rachel said...

ha ha Your mom is so cute!

Teela said...

Awww...honey. Thanks for making me look like I have it together!