Breakin' all the Rules

Just wanted to let my readers know about some online friends:

This is Adam. I met him in 2005. Somehow he and his wife found my blog, and I'm so glad. I've been really blessed by their stories.

This is Gordon. I've not actually met him, but have been a faithful reader of his blog for about a year now. Adam pointed me towards him.

This is the cool thing they both got to do last weekend. What is it about those Texans!?!!? Some guys have all the luck!


Adam Moore said...

Hey Janna - you're right, I was quite lucky. It was a great weekend.

By the way, you commented on my blog about whether or not Brooke will ever rejoin the blogging world. Well, sure enough, today she posted an entry. I guess she just needed a little encouragement! I hope she continues...

Rachel said...

I started copying my blogs over from myspace in case people would rather read them here.