summertime blues -- already?

Today my temper is a little short. It may have something to do with not sleeping well. I took a nap, of sorts, yesterday afternoon and paid the price for it last night. I lay awake for about an hour feeling like I'd overdosed on caffeine, then right when I was about to fall asleep, I felt a tickle on top of my right thigh. I reached down and pinched a creepy crawly and hopped up to look at it. It was a TICK! The second one I've found in our bed since John started the landscaping work. Of course, we also found one on Lucky a couple of weeks ago, so who knows where they're coming from. My neighbor also told me fleas were supposed to be really bad this year, and Benjamin woke up with two or three mosquito bites on his leg. I'm just so thrilled w/ nature at the moment.

Underneath it all, I'm sure, is a total lack of direction from every member of my immediate family. Everyone's in transition, but it feels more like a holding pattern to me and I am so ready to get off this plane! Okay, enough the -ing/action/verb form of a female dog from me. See you tomorrow!

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Rachel said...

ha ha - "the -ing/action/verb form of a female dog"