Do YOU have any answers?

1. Why is the filling of a blue berry pop-tart purple?

2. When you live with 3 kids, a dog, a cat and a husband currently employed in landscaping, is there any point in running the vacuum?

3. Must ALL splinters be removed, even the little tiny ones?

4. Why do little boys feel the need to clear off every flat surface they encounter, as well as emptying every drawer they open?

5. Have you ever successfully convinced a one-year-old to sit still while you trim his (claws) fingernails?

6a. What is the exact decibel level, frequency, and pitch of that screeching sound I hear twelve times an hour?

6b. If said sound does in fact render me deaf, will that be the last sound I hear?

7. Has anyone else noticed the lack of real posts currently being published in the blog-o-verse?

8. Did you further notice that my June total is one less than May?

9. Does anyone else have that line from Space Camp, "Boys want what I haven't got; make-up's not gonna help." randomly jump in their heads whenever they hear the words "make-up?"

10. Are showers really necessary every single day?


jeanetta said...

yes everyone seems to have taken a vaca from blogland. and rightly so. its summer and i know i'm just not feeling it.

Jerusalem said...

To # 10, a resounding NO. Every other day will work just fine...
Cannot believe how much all 3 of your kids look alike. Amazing! Hope to see you soon!