My funny girl

When Laney was in preschool last year she made a best friend named Abby. When preschool was nearing an end we heard a lot about how she would never see Abby again because they were going to different kindergartens. This summer, on more than one morning, I awoke to the sound of Laney's voice, singing "I miss you Abby" kinds of songs. She would be gazing out the window, making up lyrics as she went. It was honestly impossible not to laugh, and the only thing keeping me from it was an equally strong urge to cry.

At first I was sympathetic and would go to Laney and hug her, let her cry on my shoulder. After awhile though, I got tired of hearing about Abby. I often tried to change the subject. I would tell Laney how good she was at making friends and that she would have more best friends at Kindergarten.

Turns out, I was right. She has lots of good friends and she loves Kindergarten. In fact, she saw Abby at a Fall Festival she went to last week with her "neighborhood best friend," Emma, and they didn't even talk to each other. Laney told me that Abby didn't recognize her and she was too scared to go up and talk to her. She sounded a little sad about it, but quickly moved on to all the other fun stuff she and Emma did.

Another thing that would sometimes happen with the Abby drama was that if a sad song came on the stereo while we were in the car, Laney would ask me to change it telling me it made her think of Abby. Well, a couple of weeks ago we were on our way home from church and she requested some Andrew Peterson. I told her I didn't see any of his CDs in the car and she asked if I would play some music that she knew. I put in an Eric Peters CD we'd been listening to a little lately.

About halfway through the second song she starts telling me, "this song makes me think of Israel," and I'm thinking oh no, here we go again. She continued chattering and I couldn't really hear her until she said, you know because it says "Love Israel." The song is actually called Love is real. I laughed a little and smiled really big, but did NOT explain the actual meaning of the song to her. When the song was over and the next track was cuing up, she said,"play another one." I was just about to reply that it was coming when she added,"I mean, come on, this is GOOD music!"

She's a smart girl that one. And I couldn't agree with her more, so here's a few links to Mr. Peters for those of you who are not familiar with him.


Capt. Flipout said...

This just makes me green with envy. Try as I might, I have a hard time getting my two youngest to listen to anything but Taylor Swift! Yech!

Jerusalem said...

I hate that we missed seeing your smart sweet girl but I am glad I got to see you! Wish we could have visited more - maybe we can head your way one of these days...

Rachel said...

I'm glad to hear that she can already appreciate good music! Also, I'm glad that she knows what Israel is, even if that's not what he's talking about in that particular song. ha ha