In the wee small hours of my morning, I lay in bed wide awake. It happens sometimes, especially when I'm sharing the bed with my toddler and my husband (not the usual arrangement by the way) who are snoring in unison. And my mind begins to wander.

I remember an e-mail I composed sometime last week, but have yet to send. I'm worried I said to much. Then I think about a comment I want to leave on a blog I read yesterday, and write the whole thing out in my head. Next, I start to retool a sentence from an essay I've been working on, still trying to get it just right. And that's when I notice.

I'm on my left side, like I normally sleep, pillow between my knees, bent at a ninety degree angle, all this to keep my lower back correctly in line. OK, so maybe it's technically the fetal position -- you've got me pegged haven't you? Anyway, I just happen to feel a tightness at the back of my Achilles tendon, because MY TOES ARE CURLED!

That's what people do when they feel something intense, right? A huge smile jumps to my face as I point my toes and relax the flex. THIS is my high. Suddenly, I see myself sitting at the computer desk. Short girl that I am, my feet just reach the floor; so when I lean toward the monitor, I automatically raise my heels. On cue, as if the carpet were actually beneath them, I feel pressure on the balls of my feet. More smiling. It all connects.

I might as well give in and get up. Sleep will not come back, until I've shared this with the world.


the hamster said...

i like this. quite a lot.

Angela said...

you're short? really? all this time i've been imagining you as ginormously tall. huh.

Rachel said...

My feet don't touch the floor when I sit at my desk either. Unless I lower my chair so much that the blood leaves my fingers when I type. I like this story. :-)