In lieu of a real post (or Until I get some Discipline and Finish Something)

Went looking for footage of some not-so-illustrious performances and found this. Isn't this song about smoking pot or something? And it's on Sesame Street? I guess that's how it was in the 70s. I guess the little girl didn't realize who she was competing with. PS wins every time, huh? She sure is cute though!


Janna said...

Ok, so apparently no one, not even Simon, knows what this song is about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me_and_Julio_Down_by_the_Schoolyard)

But I stand by the Mom in "Almost Famous," when she says about S&G, "Yes, it's the poetry of drugs and illicit sex."

The Tucker Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a great clip! I don't know about the meaning of the song, but I probably watched this clip when it was first shown, as Sesame Street was a staple of my childhood (along with Captain Kangaroo and Electric Company). I love the little girl singing along -- she's fantastic! That's how we should all be - uninhibited and joyful - if we had the chance to sit down and sing along with PS!