Summer Streams

I am sitting in my ducttaped computer chair in the area next to our dining room that we pretend is an office rather than the upstairs living room. Underneath my feet, crumbs from Frosted Flakes that my son, still wearing flannel pajamas, ate while reading about various Teen Titans episodes and characters this afternoon. It is 11:36, and I am getting tired. Today was a strange day, but still a good one, and that folks, makes two in a row for me. Rare. Vacation was good, but the drive home Saturday was exhausting and Sunday was the usual busy, crazy, not at all restful Sabbath that it should be, and I fully expected to have a major downer, depressing Monday. Thankfully, I was wrong. I believe it's got a little something to do with all that talk we had at small group about prayer and the Holy Spirit. Some of the things I heard must have fallen through the topsoil of my heart, still soft from all that vacation rain, and started sprouting. Last night, I went to bed with a major headache, and for most of today, I have felt extremely tired. (I think my body is trying to get used to eating real food again, and not being on the go as much as we were in Orlando.) But despite the lurchies and shakies, I have smiled and relaxed. After we got back from the pool today, my daughter donned her own winter time pajamas and joined her brother for popcorn and more Teen Titans, this time on DVD. I wanted to end here with some sweet example of the cuteness of my third child, but it is late, and I am tired, and nothing specific is coming to mind, although I promise you there were a lot to choose from today. Tomorrow a new month begins, here's hoping we rise up singing for many more mornings to come . Good night, friends. Sleep well.

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lovely post friend!