Vay Cay

I'll be soaking it all in for a week down here with the palm trees and the tourists, taking the kids to you-know-where, spending too much money and obsessing over sunscreen. So if you don't hear from me, don't worry your pretty little heads about it. I'll be back in the real world soon enough, and my thoughts will continue to find their way onto your screen(s). By the way, I did post on Tuesday. Blogger is a little passive aggressive sometimes and thinks that if you return to a draft you started three months ago, said draft should be published on the original date, regardless of the day you actually post it. So much for planning and aiming to please. Pray for my kids to get the sleep they need to have fun and not be whiny. Oh yeah, I suppose I could use some of that too. See ya when we get back! Take care of you.


The Tucker Family said...

I discovered the remedy to the "draft"/"post" issue you mention, so when you're back in the real world and want to know, give me a call. Until then, have fun and give Mickey a hug from us!

Angela said...

you know you can just click on "post options" on the bottom there and change the date, eh?
have a hoot! happy holidaying.