Sam, the first decade.

My oldest son has entered the double digits, which means I have been a mother for an entire decade. Last night, I lay in bed thinking how different the ages from 10 to 20 will be compared with ages 0 to 10. We've seen quite a lot of growing up from Sam this summer, and when he came upstairs yesterday to ask me why a particular girl reader featured in his pockets magazine had to live in Kentucky, I wondered how many more changes would be coming with puberty just around the corner.

I'll never forget how I felt as a young mom, when I realized my baby was turning into a little boy. I've finally figured out what to do with a baby, I thought to myself, and now I don't have one anymore! I'd been prepared, as much as anyone can be, for a baby, but it had only then occured to me that the blonde haired toddler looking up at me would not always be one.

And that's the way it continues to be with the first born. Things are always new. From the first time at the swimming pool to the first visit to a dentist. First kindergarten drop-off, first soccer game, first fist fight and first kiss. All the hard firsts and all the fun firsts, every one turns out different than how I imagine it will, that is when I can anticipate them. Usually, the more important firsts catch me by surprise. Like the first unprompted thank you and the first real hug, or the first time he said "I love you" first.
I can't tell you what day it was, I didn't write it down. But my heart remembers the first time it ever felt that warm, and it was 10 years ago today, the first time ever I saw your face, Sam. Here's to ten more years of firsts, dude. Happy Birthday! I love you.


Sherry said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! How has it been 10 years?????

tamsaunt said...

Happy Birthday Sam, it is hard to believe that screaming mite I tried to feed with an eye dropper is 10 years old.

Aunt Nancy

Rachel said...

Love this.