Falling Slowly

Today was the first day back at school for my two older kids, which means I will have a little more time on my hands. However, our computer completely froze up a couple of weeks ago, so my internet access has been severely limited. Hoping to get everything up and running soon. Until then, check me out here. And check out Mr. Eric Peters too. John already has the new album in Itunes and we are eagerly awaiting the physical copy due in our mailbox any day now. Expect a full report.

In other news, today is my honey's 32nd b-day. For the next three and a half months we're the same age and then I jump ahead again. We had a great date Sat. night to celebrate, ate Cuban food and walked around downtown Knoxville. Good times. If we come into some unexpected moolah soon (hin, hint), I'll be planning a romantic getaway for us. If not, we'll be hanging out in the basement watching bad space movies as often as possible. Thanks for stoppin' by folks. G'night!

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