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A few weeks ago Jon Acuff talked about being a Preacher's Kid on his blog, Stuff Christians Like. Like most of his posts, it was pretty funny. He did note however, that he is a preacher's son and maybe should get insight from some preacher's daughters. Of course, I volunteered. Jon graciously accepted my offer and even more graciously gave me to the end of October to get the article to him. So I'm working on it . . . in my head. And in my head I realized something. It's been awhile since me, lighthearted, and writing have all gotten together. Like Anne Shirley, I prefer to make people cry. Still, laughter is good medicine and even I could use a dose every now and then. That's why I decided to stretch my humor muscles with this little exercise: a list of things I like which are not completely obvious, like sunsets and puppies. I limited myself to fifteen. Hope you like 'em!

1. Staying home in my PJs. All day long. Seriously, if you come over at 2 pm and I'm still wearing my red striped pajama pants, slippers and robe; do not assume I'm depressed. Chances are I woke up with some big thoughts and have been sitting at the computer most of the day, trying to work them out. On those days, I can't be bothered with pedestrian activites like eating or showering.
2. Pecan pie. I don't care if you say "pee-can" "pee-kahn" or "pi-kahn," like I do. Just agree with me that there is no better way to eat those nuts, and we can be friends.
3. Garnier Milk. Not for drinking, but for putting on your hair. This has to be the best hair styling product I've ever discovered -- way better than mousse or gel. Smooth, shiny and frizz-free!
4. Wheat Thins. My new favorite snack food. I can eat twice as many wheat thins as potato chips before I begin to feel guilty, and I sound much less dorky talking about a cracker with "wheat" in its title, as opposed to "in-a-biscuit."
5. Saying "dinner" when talking about Sunday's mid-day meal. The biggest meal of the day, regardless of when we eat it, is dinner. My kids are always correcting me, "You mean lunch, Mom?" "Listen, children. Lunch is a cold sandwich. If I've done some work in the kitchen, we're calling it dinner!"
6. Microwaved Frozen Burritos. Taste best when served with a generous helping of ketchup.
7. Heidi Klum. Not Project Runway. Not models and fashion designers. Just Heidi. From the tips of her black painted fingernails to the bottoms of her platform stilletos, the woman is über über, and I love her for it.
8. People who think I'm cool. This is the real reason I married my husband. John did not ask me out because of my stunning good looks. He was not attracted to my stellar intelligence or rapier like wit. Not even my upstanding moral character piqued his interest. No, the night John fell for me was the night I gave him a McDonald's toy (a Robin Hood fox, from the Disney movie) I'd hung onto for a couple of months. Hook, line and sinker, ladies and gentlemen; the man was never the same.
9. The Tanning Bed. I am thirty-two years old. I do not smoke. I do not abuse drugs. I have one drink, two or three times a year. This is my vice, people. Keep your self-tanners and your sunscreen, Vitamin D does my body good. I can not, I will not, no I won't recant.
10. Female Singer Songwriters. Of course I like a lot of male ones too, but they're not as easy to sing along with. That and I'm a closet feminist. Sorry, Mom.
11. Colons. Not the kind inside your body. And not the semi-kind. This kind: : They help me write.
12. My Les Mis (in London) T-shirt. It's thirteen years old, really soft, and baggy, without swallowing me whole. Plus it says Les Mis, and it's from London.
13. Reading things that are worth reading slowly. I'm a slow reader anyway, in fact, slow is probably my middle name. But I love words, and I do not understand, nor believe in speed reading. And skimming makes me feel like I'm forgetting something important, like my pants.
14. Small Groups. I currently belong to five of them. Well, it's not like they made me sign a membership card or anything. And in my defense, one is temporary and another is more of a Bible Study. Of course, you could make the argument that my blog and a couple of other sites I frequent are small groups of sorts -- that would probably raise my total to eight or nine. Oh well, what can I say? I'm big on community!
15. Being artsy fartsy with my husband. Concerts, plays, indie rock'n'roll and film festival winners are the usual modus operandi, but on our Chattanooga getaway we were lucky enough to visit a really cool art museum. Yes, we can be geeky and snobbish at the same time, and we like it that way. Even though our tastes are not always the same, (he digs abstract, while I prefer the impressionists) we both love sharing the experience and listening to each other's point of view.

So there's my list. Now I have to pretend I don't like procrastinating and get to work on that piece for JA. Be sure to come back and check it out. Better yet, leave me a comment telling me something you like. Then I can find out something that makes you really cool, besides the fact that you read my blog!


The Tucker Family said...

I too love a pajama day (as I testify to this very moment, sitting here in mine...); think you're cool; and think Heidi is amazing (as I remark aloud each week as she first strolls down the catwalk on PR). So thankful my small group is one of those you are part of, and so glad to be your friend: blessed! (Note the intentional colon use...just for your delight!)

Teela said...

Janna, anything that you write, I love to read. And yes, I admit, we are sooo very opposite in many ways, you intrigue me and bring out thoughts or ideas from deep within that otherwise would not surface. Bless you my second born. Can't wait to read your next entry!

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Love it! These are great, Janna.

Rachel said...

Burritos with ketchup??? I don't understand that one, but I'm with you on many of the others. :-) I like the vegetarian microwave burritos, actually, but with sour cream, not ketchup.