Early X-mas Presents

Last night at dinner I exclaimed, for like the millionth time in the past two weeks, "I'm tired of hearing all this arguing!" Then, trying to ignore the echoes of my own mother's voice in my head, I added, "Do not open your mouths again unless you can say something nice to each other!"

To which my husband responded that we should all go around the table and say one kind thing about everyone else sitting there. Of course we had to give very specific guidelines so truthful, sincere comments would be made, but eventually we got some good answers going. After the first kid went, John said we should end with saying something nice about ourselves as well. When my turn came my first thought was to say just how great a writer I was, but then I realized that would be much nicer to hear from someone else; so I said, with a cocky smile and all the confidence I could muster, that I was very flexible and had great balance.

The last one to take a turn was John and he came through for me, stating (among other things) that I was such a good writer I would have an actual  book published some day. But here's the best part of this story: my ten year old son, who's not really known for bologna of any kind, said "You are a really good writer, Mom. In fact, your writing is better than a lot of the published books I've read." Yes, my fifth grader who reads books some twelfth graders can't handle, said he enjoyed my writing. And then, and then, he went on to quote a line from one of my articles he'd found left open onscreen awhile back. Now that probably says more about his brain power than my writing talent, but hearing my words come out of his mouth -- no other compliment tops that for me right now. Not one.

In other news, I wanted to tell everyone in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge area about a great guy who's coming to town, and his name is not Santa. No, good people of east Tennesee, Kentucky and those other bordering states, the man who will be in town this Sunday evening will not be flying with reindeer, but he may just have a rusty old bicycle on stage. That's right, Mr. Eric Peters, of Rabbit Room and Louisiana fame, is on tour, promoting his latest album Chrome, and he'll be playing at Christ Community Church, Dec. 6th at 6 pm. So, if you want Christmas to come a little early this year, please find a way to get to this concert. I'll be there, with as many friends as I can bring. It's going to be a great night! And if you're too far away, or have never heard of this guy, please go check him out. Truly, his music is worth a few clicks.


redheadkate said...

The 1st part reminded me of my mom at this time of year. From the time we were little until now, she always asks for the same thing for Christmas "for all of you children to get along". It has become something of a tradition in our family. But as an adult, I am finally starting to appreciate her request.

teela said...

So,sweetie, what was the phrase that Sam quoted from your writings? And you know, I'm one of your greatest fans. We wish you were here in C/S w/us....Ya-Ya party tomorrow night! I love you, mom